On your highly personalized journey with me, you will receive tools, guidance and perspective that will change the way you see the world!


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What you will receive

Inner-Child Work

Get back in touch with your inner-child!  By freeing yourself from childhood pains and past traumas, you will reconnect with the joyfulness, playfulness, and lightness that you were born to embody!

Enneagram Reading

Connect with your life purpose!  This beautiful tool will help you transcend your ego and experience freedom from your unconscious pains and patterns.

Family and Relationship Counseling

Experience more happiness and deeper connections in your relationships!  Gain insight and understanding in your relationships, leading to healthier communication and more peaceful and joyful moments with those you love!

Meditation and Healing

Establish a practice that can be used daily to create more bliss in your life!  Learn how to deal with the changes and unpredictability of every day life.

Daily Routine and Practice

Establish a routine that helps stabilize and destress your life!  Creating a daily rhythm will lay the foundation on which you can build a sturdy life. 

Three and Six Month Journeys

Choose between three or six months of working one-on-one with me in order to create and maintain lasting change.

Military Experience

I served six years in the United States Navy, and I have a passion for supporting my fellow uniformed members.  I know how amazing and challenging the time in service can be, and integration back into civilian life can be a struggle at times.

Gain tools and practices that create more harmony and peace in your life, wherever you are on the journey.

It can be hard to make the decision to take that next step…

But the fact that you’re here means you are thinking about it.

Let’s work together to help you Unveil Your True Self and find the life you have always dreamed of!

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