Welcoming women who have been affected by Military Sexual Trauma to support, hear, and help one another progress from victimhood into thriving lives.
We don’t have to be trapped by our stories, we can elevate one another as sisters and help each other move from being victims & survivors into a life that reflects the growth we can undergo in the face of even the most heart-breaking traumas.
Because of the sensitivity of this topic, I am interviewing anyone who wants to join this special group.  I want to make sure you understand what this group is about, and that it is in alignment with you.  We all deserve to step into the space where we feel most aligned.

What you will receive

Private Facebook Group

Exclusively for those ready to heal their past wounds, and support others in the journey to overcome sexual trauma

Group Discussions

Two group Zoom calls a month in which we discuss, share, and support one another as we speak on the topics that help us truly transcend our pain

Weekly Content

Weekly content to help you progress and journey through your past trauma and achieve freedom and happiness

Ongoing Support

Discussion board and posts to support you during the challenging times at any point

Military Experience

I served six years in the United States Navy, and I have a passion for supporting my fellow uniformed members.  I know how amazing and challenging the time in service can be, and integration back into civilian life can be a struggle at times.

Gain tools and practices that create more harmony and peace in your life, wherever you are on the journey.

It can be hard to make the decision to take that next step…

But the fact that you’re here means you are thinking about it.

Let’s work together to help you Unveil Your True Self and find the life you have always dreamed of!

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